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  • How can I get rid of spam?

  • Is someone else using my computer?

  • What’s the best anti-virus software?

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Technology solutions that work for your business

The world of technology is rapidly changing and it is not feasible to come up with a 'one size fits all' solution. Instead of designing the perfect software package (email, anti-spam,  file sharing) , we recommend and assist implementing existing technologies that we’ve found work best for small businesses. This leaves us in a unique position to be your unbiased technical advisors

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Solutions that worked last year, may not work this year

Small business owners are unique in the sense that they typically operate with a fixed budget, fixed number of resources and simply want their network to work. However, what works for one situation may not work for another

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We offer the following services & expertise:

Managed Services

Flexible full-time or part-time IT support available at a fixed monthly cost for the service you expect

Supplemental IT Admin

We provide coverage for your existing IT staff to supplement expertise where needed. Some clients just need a single project completed

On Demand Services

Hourly IT support with no commitment, no contract, no strings. So it’s what you want, when you need it

Business Continuity Planning

We can plan and protect your network from scheduled or unscheduled outages to minimize disruptions

Windows & Mac

We have experience servicing both. We are very familiar with the advantages of each operating system and can maximize the benefits to suit your business


Have you ever been hacked? How would you know?  We can implement security configurations and best practices to keep your business protected


Have one computer function as eight computers. Virtualization brings efficiency to onsite resources

Telephone VoIP

A small business telephone system can be a hard solution to find. We have the experience working with multiple vendors to guide you through the process

Web & Email Compliance

We can integrate a solution for monitoring and archiving email or monitoring employee browsing activities

Infrastructure Design

Deciding where to start can be the most difficult decision to make. We have years of infrastructure experience designing and implementing technology solutions